19 Minnesota Oncology Physicians Named “Best Doctors” by Minnesota Monthly

Congratulations to the 19 Minnesota Oncology providers who have been selected as 2014 Best Doctors by their peers in the October issue of Minnesota Monthly magazine. These outstanding physicians make up more than half of the honorees in the various oncology sub-specialties included. See the full list here.

Thomas T. Amatruda, MD (medical oncology, hematology) – Fridley Clinic

Cheryl L. Bailey, MD (gynecologic oncology/surgery) – Minneapolis Clinic

Ellen E. Bellairs, MD (radiation oncology) – Maplewood Clinic

Stuart H. Bloom, MD (medical oncology, hematology) – Minneapolis Clinic

Matthew P. Boente, MD (gynecologic oncology/surgery) – Edina Clinic

Catherine Casey, MD (gynecologic oncology/surgery) – Woodbury Clinic

Matthew J. Graczyk, MD (thoracic oncology/surgery) – Minneapolis Clinic

Nicole L Hartung, MD (medical oncology) – Minneapolis Clinic

Louis F. Jacques, MD, FRCSC (thoracic surgery) – Edina Clinic

Joseph W. Leach, MD (medical oncology, hematology) – Minneapolis Clinic

Amy L. McNally, MD (gynecologic oncology/surgery) – Saint Paul Clinic

Steven R. Rousey, MD (medical oncology, hematology) – Edina Clinic

Mark D. Sborov, MD (medical oncology) – Edina Clinic

John E. Seng, MD (medical oncology, hematology) – Minneapolis Clinic

Avina K. Singh, MD (medical oncology, hematology) – Burnsville Clinic

Annie Tan, MD (gynecologic oncology/surgery) – Coon Rapids Clinic

Paul J. Thurmes, MD (medical oncology, hematology) – Edina Clinic

Michaela L. Tsai, MD (medical oncology, hematology) – Minneapolis Clinic

Eric L. Weinshel, MD (medical oncology, hematology) – Edina Clinic




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