Minnesota Oncology Introduces Sexual Health Program

Both during and after cancer treatment, you may notice physical and emotional changes in the way you feel about your body and about sex. This is a common reaction to treatments such as chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and surgery. You may also feel uncomfortable talking to your doctor or your partner about these changes.

At Minnesota Oncology, we believe all patients should have access to straightforward information about the ways cancer can affect sexuality. We offer private, compassionate counseling, consultation, and education to help you cope with these changes and find solutions.

Minnesota Oncology’s Sexual Health Program is committed to addressing patients' concerns about sexual health as an integral part of their care, from diagnosis and treatment through survivorship. The program provides personalized education and consultation for patients and their partners who have experienced changes in sexual health during and after cancer treatment.

“We believe this program is an important addition to providing comprehensive cancer care to our patients,” said program lead Jennifer Hierlinger, RN, ANP. “ The goal of these visits is to help patients better understand the changes they are experiencing in regard to their sexual health, normalize their feelings and then assist them in exploring helpful tools and resources.”

Our Services

The Sexual Health Program provides services for women and men, individuals and couples. The program is open to all Minnesota Oncology patients and is available at most clinic locations. Our services include:

  • Sexual rehabilitation counseling for individuals and couples, including coping with menopausal symptoms, erectile dysfunction, discomfort during intercourse, decreased desire, and changes in body image
  • Coping with infertility-related distress
  • Educational workshops

Our Sexual Health Program Care Team and Locations

Minnesota Oncology’s Sexual Health Program will be led by specially trained advanced practice providers and will be available at most of our 11 clinic locations.  For more information about the Sexual Health Program or to schedule an appointment, please contact one of the following clinics:

Burnsville Clinic: (952) 892-7190

Chaska Clinic: (952) 361-5800

Coon Rapids Clinic: (763) 712-2100

Edina Clinic: (952) 928-2900

Minneapolis Clinic: (612) 884-6300

Plymouth WestHealth Clinic: (763) 519-7440

Waconia Clinic: (952) 442-6006

Woodbury Clinic: (651) 735-7414




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