Thoracic Surgeon Dr. Louis Jacques Receives Patient Communication Award

Dr Louis Jacques with Communication AwardDr. Louis Jacques, a thoracic surgeon from our Edina Clinic, was recently recognized for his expertise and patient care on a national level.
Dr. Jacques received a 2016 Patient Communication Award from Allina Health last month. He was given the Magna Cum Laude Award which means his communication expertise places him in the top 10 percent of clinicians in the United States.
According to the letter from Allina CEO Dr. Tim Sielaff, patient Communication Awards are given annually and are based on 12 months of patient survey data. The percentiles are based on the Press Ganey national database of more than 2 million surveys. 

"These awards do not just represent a number on the patient experience scale or a popularity content - they represent your patient's sense that they are known as unique individuals, how well they feel listened to, and how well they understand their medications and instructions," Dr. Sielaff wrote. "These are the reasons you went into medicine, to make a difference in the lives of your friends and neighbors. Your communication skills enable beneficial care outcomes for our patients through adherence to treatment plans and our financial viability through their willingness to recommend your care to their friends and family."




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