A Paw Above the Rest

Minnesota Oncology's Dr. Adrianne Mallen was recently featured in Minnesota Monthly Magazine. The article appeared in the Top Doctors issue and is highlighted below.



“There is so much chaos with cancer. Just hearing the word is life-altering,” says Adrianne Mallen, M.D., a gynecologic oncologist with Minnesota Oncology and a 2023 Minnesota Monthly Top Doctor. “The person and their family will be forever changed by a cancer diagnosis.” Thankfully, there are resources that can support patients on this journey. Pet therapy—or animal-assisted therapy—has become more common and has shown significant health benefits, including decreasing stress and pain levels, boosting endorphins, and providing a sense of emotional connection.

Enter Hugo—a 7-year-old lab who has a special gift and loves connecting with patients. He began working with oncology patients in Florida, when his mother was a gynecologic oncology fellow physician. However, due to the pandemic, he experienced a long break from the hospital. He is excited to be back to work in Minnesota. The work is mutually beneficial, as he is genuinely excited to meet new patients, their families and spread his love. Patients love his soft ears, wagging tail, and calm demeanor. He can help simplify the chaos of cancer.

Hugo’s mother (and biggest fan), Dr. Mallen, loves sharing her special pup with her exceptional patients. Gynecologic oncology is a unique field where surgeons also get to administer their own chemotherapy. The patient continuity is truly a gift, and that is not lost on Hugo either. Dr. Mallen and Hugo hope to spread some joy and help provide a pleasant distraction from the hardships of their cancer journey. Hugo loves the privilege of joining their care team.





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