Notes of Hope Introduces the Kids Edition Fundraiser Show

Minnesota Oncology chemotherapy nurse Yana Reko is once again organizing a music-and-entertainment-filled fundraiser for Angel Foundation! This time, all of the performers will be kids!

Who: Children of adult cancer warriors, and children who support them
Why: Angel Foundation provides adult cancer patients and their families with emergency financial assistance, education and support throughout their journey of healing and survivorship. Through financial grants, children and teen programs, family retreats, and other outreach events, they not only strengthen the cancer patient and his/her family, but the cancer warrior 
community as a whole.
When: Sunday, April 23 from 5-6 p.m.
Where: Richfield United Methodist Church, 5835 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55419

A $10 donation is suggested. Please give whatever you are able to and moved to give,  and enjoy the show!
For additional information or to donate, please contact

Notes from the organizer: "Having done two successful adult Notes of Hope events for Angel Foundation, an organization that does so much with and for children of adult cancer warriors, and having my own piano-playing, singing, stage-seeking 9 year old ask again and again, 'Mama, when can I be part of Notes of Hope?' made me wonder if there were other kids out there who would benefit from doing this.  Kids who had a message to share, kids who wanted to combine their passion for performance with a burning or budding passion for philanthropy.  We know that music heals; making music doubly so.  But for a performer, what is sweeter than offering up their music to heal in a way that ripples far beyond the curtain call?  I realized that kids have so much to give to a project like Notes of Hope, and many will hopefully gain a great deal from the experience.  We currently have several performers who have been affected by cancer directly through a parent or caregiver who has faced it, but the majority are coming to NoH simply for the opportunity to share their talents in a way that benefits those in need.  To me, being a part of that kind of life growth in the life of a child is gift, and I'm excited to see Notes of Hope Kids Edition come together.  Please come and support these kids and the kids and families in need of Angel Foundation!!" - Yana Reko




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