Minnesota Oncology is pleased to introduce our newest Edina Clinic physician, Patrick Dreyer, DO.

“My core belief is that an oncologist must treat the whole patient and in the process include their family. I very much enjoyed teaching medical residents when I was a chief medical resident, and likewise when I was chief oncology fellow. I use a similar approach to treating patients and family, as only with an adequate understanding of all the aspects of a cancer can a patient and family make a decision that they consider reasonable.”

Dr. Dreyer joins Minnesota Oncology after completing his fellowship and residency at Larking Community Hospital.

Dr. Dreyer is board-certified in Internal Medicine and fellowship trained in oncology and hematology.  His areas of special interest include breast cancer, neuroendocrine tumors, non-small cell lung cancer and gastrointestinal malignancy.

“Today there are so many treatment options and so much more we can offer patients than even 5 years ago. As an oncologist it is my duty to stay up to date with the current literature, so I can offer my patients the best care available.” 

Learn more about Dr. Dreyer and request an appointment here.




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