Lab Week 2016 at Minnesota Oncology

By Alexia Hansen,  MLS(ASCP)CM
Manager of Laboratory Services, Minnesota Oncology

It wasn’t because of construction that our labs sported yellow tape last month; it was national Medical Laboratory Professionals Week!

Lab Week is a time for medical lab professionals to celebrate their professionalism and help educate our colleagues and the public about the profession. Many people have no idea what happens beyond the blood draw, who does the testing, or the importance of laboratory work. The Medical Laboratory is facing a workforce shortage so getting the word out to the public and especially to students is important.

Beyond the value of education, lab week is fun! There were many patients who expressed their appreciation for the decorations, being able to learn something, and the energy in the lab.

This year’s theme was Diagnosis Detective and the challenge was to bring that motif into their lab. We had a lot of creativity and the competition was close. In the end the Coon Rapids lab took home the traveling trophy and will proudly display it until Lab Week 2017.  Fun was had by all involved and we hope you were able to join us for some smiles. 

Here is a peek at some of the 2016 Lab Week fun:




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