Advance Care Planning: The Conversation Begins with You

We frequently hear or talk about how quickly time is passing with our families and friends. We observe unfortunate circumstances when life is changed quickly for someone- whether it is a patient, our own family member, friend, etc. The one thing that is certain is that we cannot be certain about what any single day will bring.
National Healthcare Decisions Week occurs every year in April to educate and empower people to talk about advance care planning or end-of-life decisions. For those who have never had the conversation it can be difficult to initiate as it can feel uncomfortable at first. These conversations will ultimately provide relief for loved ones that would need to make decisions or guess your wishes in a medical crisis. And vice versa can provide relief for you if you are the designated healthcare power of attorney for a loved one. If you have already had these conversations with loved ones it is important to revisit them every year to consider changes in wishes, health status, or personal life changes.
Minnesota Oncology has taken great strides to be at the forefront of advance care planning for our patients & encourage staff to be empowered to have these conversations as well. We often place more importance on Advance Care Planning as we age, but the uncertainty of life makes it relevant for all adults.
Additional resources are available at all Minnesota Oncology clinic locations. Please ask your care team for assistance in getting the process started.




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