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Minnesota Oncology Radiation Therapist Wins National Award


Taniesha Seerdorff

Taniesha Seedorff, radiation therapist at Minnesota Oncology’s Maplewood Cancer Center, recently received the “Outstanding Achievement in Radiation Oncology & Diagnostic Imaging for Radiation Therapy” award for the entire US Oncology Network.  This award is presented annually to one clinical staff member who makes a significant contribution to patient care and management. Seedorff, a 10-year employee of Minnesota Oncology, was selected for this award because she makes a profound impact on oncology patient care and inspires others to foster a work environment built on teamwork.

Seedorff has served as president of the Twin Cities Radiation Therapist organization for two terms and is a student coordinator for University of Minnesota radiation therapy students who rotate through Minnesota Oncology facilities. Seedorff also serves as a mentor to new therapists and continually looks for ways to add value to the department and expand her knowledge base; such as with contouring in radiation dosimetry and providing cross-coverage to the Saint Paul Cancer Center.

“Taniesha is an ideal recipient of this award,” said Maplewood Cancer Center clinic manager Rhonda Henschel. “Her genuine commitment to being a radiation therapist and an employee of Minnesota Oncology creates a positive experience for patients and fosters a work environment built upon collaboration and teamwork.”

Congratulations, Taniesha!