Mayo Clinic Care Network Collaboration

Dear Colleagues,

In December 2020, Minnesota Oncology, we announced to the community that we have joined the Mayo Clinic Care Network. Because you are an esteemed partner, we would like to share a bit about what this means for Minnesota Oncology and our patients.

First and foremost, Minnesota Oncology remains an independent and physician-owned community-based oncology and hematology practice in the Twin Cities. This is a clinical collaboration with Mayo Clinic. Here are a few things we’d like to be sure our community knows:

  • Minnesota Oncology is neither owned nor managed by Mayo Clinic.
  • This is a clinical collaboration to enhance patient care.
  • We are keeping patients close to home.
  • This relationship does not require Minnesota Oncology to refer patients to Mayo Clinic.

Through our close collaboration with Mayo Clinic, we believe we can enhance our patients’ experience by strengthening physician-patient trust. Combining the additional knowledge and expertise of Mayo Clinic to the already high-quality care provided by trusted Metro doctors, we will ensure our patients get the care they need, at no additional cost, all from their home team — including you!

What this collaboration does mean is that Minnesota Oncology providers now have access to clinical tools, such as eConsults and eBoards, that allow us to consult with Mayo Clinic to enhance the care we provide for patients locally. Please see the included FAQs for more on these and other tools that will complement our care of patients.

Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to this collaboration and transforming care in the Twin Cities. Below you will find FAQs for our physician colleagues about this new relationship. We hope these will help answer any questions you may have about this collaboration.

If you have additional questions about our collaboration with Mayo Clinic through the Mayo Clinic Care Network, please visit our Mayo Clinic Care Network webpage or feel free to contact any of us or our oncology liaison, Courtney Anderson: 612.309.3415 or


The Physicians at Minnesota Oncology

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Mayo Clinic Care Network?

    The Mayo Clinic Care Network is a national and international network of independent health care providers carefully vetted by Mayo Clinic and granted unique access to Mayo’s knowledge, expertise and resources. As part of the network, Minnesota Oncology providers can quickly access Mayo’s deep and expansive knowledge base whenever they feel it will benefit their patients.

  • Does this mean Minnesota Oncology has been acquired by or is now managed by Mayo Clinic?

    No. Minnesota Oncology remains an independent, physician-owned practice dedicated to our patients.

  • Does this mean that Minnesota Oncology providers must refer patients to Mayo Clinic?

    No. Minnesota Oncology is NOT required to refer to Mayo Clinic. This relationship is intended to keep our patients close to home, receiving their oncology and hematology care from their Minnesota Oncology care team. We will continue to depend on you, our local providers, for the myriad of additional services and expertise that our cancer patients require.

  • Will this change the types of health insurance accepted by Minnesota Oncology?

    No insurance coverage or contracts are changing, and patients do NOT need to have a Mayo network insurance product to benefit from these services. Patients will not receive an extra bill when MNO providers access Mayo Clinic Care Network on their behalf. Minnesota Oncology is investing in this additional expertise on behalf of the patient. That means patients will not be billed when a Minnesota Oncology provider uses the resources on behalf of their patient.

  • How does Minnesota Oncology’s new relationship with Mayo Clinic benefit my patients?

    Cancer care is becoming ever more complex and nuanced. Patients gain peace of mind knowing that their Minnesota Oncology provider has devised their personalized treatment plan with input from the most thorough, accurate, and timely source available.  And they are relieved to find that they can receive that trusted care in a familiar environment, near family and friends. We understand their unique medical needs and will consult with Mayo Clinic’s specialists on their behalf when appropriate. 

  • What does this mean for my patients?

    Minnesota Oncology providers now have access to clinical tools that allow us to better care for patients locally, such as:

    • AskMayoExpert – An online reference tool for medical professionals that offers disease management, care guidelines, treatment recommendations, patient education and reference materials for a wide variety of medical conditions.
    • Patient Education – A library of materials that includes patient education print pieces within AskMayoExpert and a selection of patient education videos online.
    • eConsults – An electronic consultation service that connects providers directly with Mayo Clinic specialists when they feel additional input will benefit their patient.
    • eBoards – Live video conferences to promote educational and informal discussions on the management of complex cases with a Mayo multi-disciplinary panel and other providers within the network. Mayo Clinic eBoards encompass numerous tumor specialties.
    • Inpatient Telephone Consult – Direct calls that allow providers to speak directly with a Mayo Clinic specialist for on-demand guidance for hospitalized patients in need of urgent to semi-urgent intervention.
  • Will my patients be able to access or participate in ongoing or new Mayo Clinic research or clinical trials?

    At Minnesota Oncology, we are always looking for novel ways to treat patients with cancer, and we are exploring research opportunities with Mayo Clinic. Our membership in the Mayo Clinic Care Network allows us to quickly understand which research studies are available at Mayo Clinic, and to determine if a clinical trial may be the best treatment option for our patients.

  • Why did Mayo Clinic choose Minnesota Oncology for membership in the Mayo Clinic Care Network?

    We’re very proud to have been offered the opportunity to join the Mayo Clinic Care Network. Minnesota Oncology was selected by demonstrating a commitment to the highest quality, patient-centered care. In addition, our organization passed Mayo’s comprehensive evaluation process that included an in-depth review of our clinical and business practices, and our quality, safety and service efforts.

  • Where do I go for more information?

    We’ll continue to provide information about our relationship with Mayo Clinic and the benefits to you and to our patients. Minnesota Oncology leadership and providers are happy to discuss the relationship with you and answer your questions. Please reach out to our providers or contact Courtney Anderson, Minnesota Oncology liaison, to schedule a call or virtual meeting: or 612-309-3415. Please also visit this page for updates. 

    We thank you for entrusting us to care for your patients. We look forward to providing this additional level of expertise for you patients should they need it.