Minnesota Oncology Sponsors Living with Lynch Syndrome Conference

Minnesota Oncology was pleased to partner with several national groups to the sponsor the 5th Annual Living with Lynch Syndrome conference on September 14 at the Marriott Minneapolis Hotel.

With record-smashing attendance of nearly 200 from around the county and the world, this family-focused event provided ongoing information and support for patients and families with Lynch Syndrome – the most common form of hereditary colorectal cancer. Local and international experts presented medical updates, while breakout sessions provide in-depth information on specific topics including nutrition, coping with uncertainty and family communication. The conference was followed by a reception and dinner organized by leaders of the online communities of Lynchville and Colon Town, and the evening’s festivities were wrapped up on a high note by the hilarious local comedienne and cancer survivor, Brenda Elsagher.

Our thanks to Mayo Clinic, Myriad Genetics, Lynch Syndrome International, Get Your Rear in Gear and the Minnesota Genetic Counselors Association for making this event possible.




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