Melanoma Support Group Now Available in Fridley

Minnesota Oncology, in collaboration with the Virginia Piper Cancer Institute, is now offering a new monthly support group for people diagnosed with melanoma. The group will be facilitated by healthcare professionals currently working directly with melanoma patients in our clinics. The group is primarily for patients with stage III and IV melanoma and their families/support people, but everyone is welcome.

“We want to give patients and caregivers a place to share concerns as they cope with cancer and in so doing, realize they are not alone,” said Minnesota Oncology nurse Linda Clementi. “This is an opportunity to make connections with people sharing the same diagnosis,” she said. “We hope it will be a place to gain knowledge, inspiration, and methods to better cope with the physical and emotional impact of melanoma.”

  [Support Group]

The group will meet the first Tuesday of every month from 7-8:30 p.m. The first meeting is planned for Tuesday, June 3, in the Virginia Piper Cancer Institute conference room on the second floor of the Fridley Medical Center. There is no cost and registration is not required.

Suggestions on format and topics are welcome and encouraged. Please contact Linda Clementi, RN, BSN, OCN at (763) 252-1767 with your input or questions.




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