May Is Oncology Nursing Month

Minnesota Oncology is proud of our highly skilled, compassionate oncology nurses. Our oncology nurses are a source of strength for our patients and their loved ones. Their expertise and compassion provide hope and comfort for those facing the unimaginable. 

The Role of Oncology Nurses in Your Cancer Care Team

Oncology nurses ensure their patients receive the best care possible by:

Managing Medical Needs

Oncology nurses are highly qualified medical professionals who will work with the rest of your team to deliver your care. Your nurse may monitor your physical condition, help manage any symptoms and side effects, and administer chemotherapy. Oncology nurses have a deep understanding of the clinical aspects of oncology and spend time on continuing nurse education to stay on top of new developments. 

Care Coordination

During your cancer treatment, you may see several different professionals from a variety of medical specializations. Your oncology nurse manages the coordination of your care between different members of your medical team by providing information and guidance. They can make appointments with specialists to make sure there are no gaps in your treatment, and work with case managers and social workers to ensure you have the appropriate support.

Patient Advocacy

Oncology nurses are skilled at taking a holistic look at the patient to determine their needs and how they can help. While your entire cancer care team works together to ensure you receive high-quality, leading-edge care, your oncology nurse  is also knowledgeable about the resources available to patients and ensures you have access to the services you need. They also play an important role in supporting family members and connecting them to any needed resources.

Patient Education

Our oncology nurses spend time with each new patient as they begin their treatment. Your nurse will discuss any questions or concerns you may have and explain the care you will be receiving. This helps the nurse assess what you know, address any misinformation, and provide any needed educational materials. They will continue checking in throughout treatment to ensure the patient and their family members receive all the information they need.

We appreciate and celebrate our oncology nurses this May, and every month. Thank you for all that you do!




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