France Ave and Hwy 62 Road Closures - Spring/Summer 2019

For our patients and guests visiting our Edina Clinic and Plastic Surgery Consultants locations this Spring/Summer:

Please be aware of the following road closures effecting France Ave. and Hwy 62.

6 a.m. Wed, April 10 to mid-July

  • Ramp from France Ave to WB 62 is closed

10 p.m. Fri, April 12 to mid-June

  • France Ave. is closed between 62nd St. and 66th St.
    • Detour to NB France Ave. from Hwy 62: Xerxes Ave. to 60th St.
    • Detour to SB France Ave. from EB Hwy 62: Valley View Rd. to France Ave.
    • Detour to SB France from WB Hwy 62: Xerxes to 66th to France Ave.

Ramp closures

10 p.m. Fri, April 12 to mid-June

  • The ramps to/from EB Hwy 62 and France Ave. are closed

10 p.m. Fri, April 12 to mid-July

  • The ramps to/from WB Hwy 62 and France Ave. are closed




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