Emily Prendergast, MD, Awarded 2019 Congressional Ambassador Award

{image_1}During the 2019 Society of Gynecologic Oncology (SGO) Annual Meeting on Women’s Cancer in Honolulu, HI, the SGO Honors and Awards Committee recognized individuals whose efforts have made an impact on the prevention, care and treatment of women’s cancers. Minnesota Oncology's Emily Prendergast, MD, gynecologic oncologist and surgeon, was honored with the SGO's 2019 Congressional Ambassador Award.

The Congressional Ambassador Award recognizes SGO members who have worked hard to educate our elected and appointed officials in Washington, DC, to promote health care policy changes and annual federal funding increases to positively impact the field of gynecologic oncology and the women who are impacted with gynecologic cancer malignancies. Dr. Prendergast was one of two physicians to receive the award.

Dr. Prendergast, who sees patients at our Minneapolis Clinic, has been active in the SGO Congressional Ambassador Program by contacting members of Congress to educate them on the need to support Federal funding for gynecologic cancer research.

{image_2}She participated in the 2018 Fly In Day last fall when Ambassadors traveled to Washington, DC, meet with Congressional staff to advocate and educate on matters that are important to the gynecologic oncology community, including general education about gynecologic cancers, increased funding for clinical trials, and access to cutting edge care. Participants met with representatives from 14 states—with 42 House district meetings and 28 Senate meetings.

Congratulations, Dr. Prendergast!




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