Dr. Patrick Flynn awarded 2017 Harry Hynes Award by Metro-Minnesota NCORP


Minnesota Oncology is proud to announce that Dr. Patrick Flynn was awarded the 2017 Harry Hynes Award by the Metro-Minnesota chapter of the National Cancer Institute Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP) this fall.

The NCORP is a national NCI-supported network that brings cancer prevention clinical trials and cancer care delivery research (CCDR) to people in their communities.

The NCORP’s Harry Hynes award recognizes local community researchers who embody the attributes of the leadership and commitment demonstrated by Dr. Harry Hynes, an Irish native who came to Wichita, Kansas in 1960 and went on to be a pioneer in developing one of the nation’s first Clinical Community Oncology Programs (CCOP) in 1983.

Dr. Hynes remains a distinguished leader with many accomplishments throughout his career, including earning his Ph.D. in hematology in 1969, something that was considered an unusual accomplishment for medical graduates at the time. He also established the Wichita Hematology Oncology Group in 1972 which was subsequently renamed the Cancer Center of Kansas, to which he served as president until his diagnosis of AML in May 2000. He was also the founder of the first Hospice in Wichita, was elected to the ASCO Board of Directors, and served on many other national and state societies and committees including many within SWOG.

Dr. Flynn reflects the leadership and drive that Dr. Hynes embodied through his commitment to clinical trial research both through NCORP and his work at Minnesota Oncology.


He has been an NCI community researcher since 1985, when he joined the Minnesota Oncology team. NCORP described Dr. Flynn as a visionary investigator educated in the Midwest who built a practice with more than 140 researchers and 50 research staff. He began the discussion about insurance coverage many years ago, and successfully engaged insurers in his area to support clinical trials.

He currently serves as Director of Research for Minnesota Oncology and works primarily out of our Woodbury Clinic where he specializes in autologous peripheral blood stem cell transplantation, hematology (including bleeding & clotting disorders), and research on colorectal cancer.

Dr. Flynn is also the Medical Director for Autologous Bone Marrow & Stem Cell Transplants at Abbott Northwestern Hospital and a Principle Investigator for the NCI Grant Funded Metro Minnesota CCOP.

We are so thankful to have such an amazing leader at Minnesota Oncology who is recognized for his outstanding hard work and dedication to cancer-related clinical trial research in Metro-Minnesota.

Congratulations to Dr. Flynn, our 2017 Harry Hynes Award Winner from Minnesota Oncology!




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