Prescription Process

Rx Processing

We will work closely with your physician and clinic to ensure that all necessary information is gathered before the process is started. Our pharmacy stocks many items that are otherwise difficult to find including: oral and injectable chemotherapy, various pain medications, anti-nausea drugs, oncology and radiology therapy options. If our pharmacy is unable to fill your medication for any reason, we will work to assist in transferring the prescription to another trusted pharmacy to ensure continuity of your care. If you would prefer a medication at your local pharmacy, we can request the physician to send a new prescription to any pharmacy you like.

Insurance Coverages

As a courtesy, our dedicated and experienced Pharmacy Concierge will review your insurance coverage and help determine possible eligibility for copay cards, grants, and/or free medication(s). While we will make every effort to identify and secure resources, there is no guarantee that we will be able to obtain financial assistance to cover all of the potential charges related to your care. You are responsible for remaining co-payments. For your convenience, we accept cash, checks, and most major credit/debit cards. Payment is expected at the time of service.

Counseling on New Medications

Once the medication is approved, a clinical pharmacist will contact you regarding medication counseling and help coordinate shipping to either your clinic or directly to your home. Personalized medication counseling will include the benefits of taking the medication prescribed by your Minnesota Oncology Clinic, proper instruction for medication(s) administration, side effect management, and instructions regarding how to report adverse drug reactions to our clinical pharmacists, if needed.


There are a few ways to refill your prescription. If you are in the clinic you can stop by the pharmacy and let staff know what medication(s) you need. You can also call the pharmacy and speak with our staff to request a refill. If you call outside of normal business hours, you should leave a message with your name and prescription number, so we can contact your clinic for refill information. We do not offer automatic refilling of medications. We ask that you contact our pharmacy approximately 7 days prior to running out of medication. This will ensure that we have adequate time to refill your medication in case any difficulties arise while filling the prescription, otherwise we may proactively reach out to you to refill your medication. All prescription requests will be handled promptly but it can take up to 48 hours (longer if requested on weekend) for a response from the clinic.

Next Day Delivery

We offer a more convenient way to receive specialty medications for patients who are unable to drive to the pharmacy or those who live far away. Medications can be mailed to your home through the US Postal Service.  Specialty drugs can be shipped via FedEx where we track shipments and ensure the medication is delivered promptly. FedEx Delivery can be set up for as early as the next business day morning so you do not have to worry about how you will make it in to the pharmacy. For FedEx deliveries, we do require that somebody over the age of 18 is home to sign for the medications to ensure the medications were received.

Medication Disposal

We do not recommend disposing of any specialty medication in the toilet. If you have extra medication for any reason, bring the medication in the original vials to the pharmacy for us to dispose of. There are also some local pharmacies and police departments that will also accept old medications. 

Medicare Part D Overview

The following two figures describe how Medicare Part D works and the benefit structure. If you are currently eligible for Medicare Part D coverage benefits, this overview may be useful to you. MCC always recommends patients speak directly to a Customer Care Representative with their insurance plan for details regarding coverage; this is usually the number found on the back of your insurance card.


Figure 1. How does Medicare Part D work?



Figure 2. Medicare Part D Benefit Design






























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