Gynecologic Cancer

Gynecologic cancer refers to a group of cancers that begin in a woman’s reproductive organs. The following types of cancers are categorized as gynecologic cancers:

Each of these cancers is unique with different causes, risk factors, and treatment options. Regardless of the type of gynecologic cancer, the earlier it is found, the greater the chances of being treated successfully. Therefore, understanding more about women's cancers, their risk factors, and symptoms can lower your chance for developing an advanced stage gynecologic cancer.

The Minnesota Oncology team includes expert gynecologic oncologists who will lead the treatment process, including other specialists as needed for each patient. Treatment options vary according to the specific cancer type, the grade of the tumor, and the stage of the cancer. 

Most women with a gynecologic cancer will have some type of surgery performed by the gynecologic oncologist. If additional treatments are needed they may include radiation therapy, chemotherapy and/or targeted therapies. There are also clinical trials available for gynecologic cancers. Talk to your Minnesota Oncology cancer specialist about whether you would be a good candidate for a clinical trial.