Radiation FAQs

Can I drive myself to my radiation appointment, or do I need a driver?
Yes. You can drive yourself to your appointments, as long as you feel well enough to do so and are not under the influence of sedating medication. 

How long will my radiation treatments take?  
Generally, individuals receiving external beam radiation spend about 20 minutes here each day; this includes time changing in and out of gowns, if needed.  The first treatment is often the longest, as initial quality assurance steps are taken; this may take up to an hour for some patients. HDR and SBRT treatments can last an hour to several hours, depending on the type of therapy. 

How many treatments will I need?  
Treatment plans and length of treatment depend upon the type of radiation delivered, treatment indications and goals of therapy.

What are the side effects of radiation?  
Side effects will depend on the amount of radiation delivered, individual responses and the site that's being treated.

How is radiation given?  
See the Radiation Therapy page for an explanation of how different types of radiation therapy are administered.

Who will administer my radiation treatments?
Treatment with radiation is provided by a team of radiation oncologists, radiation therapists, dosimetrists and physicists. Our highly trained and experienced radiation therapy team works closely with medical oncologists, surgeons and specialists from other disciplines to provide the best, comprehensive cancer care possible.

More information on what to expect before, during and after your procedure or treatment can be found in the Radiation Therapy video, located here.