Survivor Matching Programs

While you might feel alone as a cancer patient, it’s important to remember that you aren’t. In fact, there are many resources available designed to provide you with strength and support. Survivor matching programs are one such resource. 

Survivor matching programs differ from cancer support groups in that they match cancer patients with a survivor of the same type of cancer rather than providing a setting where cancer patients of all types of cancers can gather. Support groups can be a fantastic resource as well, but being matched with a survivor can give you a different kind of support that includes a more personal relationship as you go through cancer treatment.

Available Cancer Mentoring Programs 

Below are some programs survivor matching programs to consider:  

Any type of cancer

  • Imerman Angels matches cancer patients with survivors and caregivers who they call “Mentor Angles”. You can request a mentor by visiting their website or by calling 866-463-7626. 
  • Cancer Hope Network matches cancer patients and their loved ones with someone who has faced similar experiences. You can request a match with a support volunteer online or by calling 877-HOPENET (877-467-3638).

Breast Cancer

  • American Cancer Society: Reach to Recovery connects people facing breast cancer to breast cancer survivors. You can request a volunteer online, via the mobile Reach To Recovery app, or by calling 800-227-2345.
  • Firefly Sisterhood fosters one-to-one connections between women experiencing breast cancer and inspirational survivors.You can request a guide online or apply to be a guide here. You can also call 612-412-7713 for more information.

Lung Cancer

Colorectal Cancer

Blood Cancers

  • Patti Robinson Kaufmann First Connection Program is a free service of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). Complete the online request form to request a trained peer volunteer.  

How to Become a Volunteer

Being able to connect with others who have gone through similar situations can be very helpful for cancer patients. If you are a survivor looking to provide support to someone touched by cancer, consider contacting one of the programs listed above so you can volunteer your time. Not only is volunteering rewarding for you, it’s rewarding for those who need to build quality relationships with people who can provide them with the support they need. 





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