Medical Laboratory Professionals Appreciation Week

Medical Laboratory Professionals appreciation week is April 14, 2024 - April 20, 2024.

Medical laboratory professionals play a crucial role in healthcare by conducting tests on patient samples to help diagnose, treat, and prevent various medical conditions. They help perform a wide range of laboratory tests including blood, urine, and genetic tests to provide accurate and reliable results that assist doctors in their decision-making process. Additionally, they are responsible for maintaining and operating laboratory equipment, ensuring acceptable quality control, and following safety procedures to protect both patients and them from potential hazards. 

We want to take the time to recognize the staff who collect, test, and result patient samples at Minnesota Oncology. Our labs consist of medical laboratory technologists, medical laboratory technicians, laboratory assistants, and phlebotomists who all collaborate to produce quality lab results. The medical laboratory technologists and technicians perform high and moderately complexity testing on patient samples. Our laboratory assistants perform moderately complex testing and waived testing on our point of care instruments. Our phlebotomists assist with blood collection of patients, and some perform waived testing. In addition, at our Burnsville and Edina clinics, we have lab staff who assist the nurse practitioners with collection and preparation of bone marrow biopsies for the pathologists to read.

We also want to mention the medical assistants and nurses who have assisted with phlebotomies and the nurses who play a key role in assisting with blood collection from our patients who have ports. Collectively, everyone works together to contribute to the well-being of patients by providing vital information that helps inform medical decisions resulting in healthcare excellence. 

Thank you for your dedication, commitment to accuracy, and expertise in producing reliable results for the well-being of our patients at Minnesota Oncology! Feel free to thank and recognize these wonderful individuals during Medical Laboratory Professionals week!





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