Holiday Gift-Giving Guide for Patients with Cancer

For many, giving gifts is an act of love. If you have a family member or friend going through cancer treatment this holiday season, here are some ideas for finding the perfect present to show your care and support.

Give the Gift of Comfort During Treatment

Cancer treatment can be physically exhausting. Gifts like a throw blanket or fuzzy socks are warm and comforting during treatment and while recovering at home. Loungewear, pajamas, cozy sweaters, and warm beanies are also good options for comfortable clothes to rest and relax in. Patients undergoing therapy may appreciate a soft shawl or scarf—they’re easy to put on and take off without getting wrapped up in IVs or disturbing ports.

Remember, not all comfort is physical. A book in their favorite genre can help pass the time during treatment. If they’re a music lover, consider a gift card for their preferred music store or streaming service—you can even make them a playlist. If they love to binge-watch television, try a gift card for Netflix or Hulu.

Make Mealtimes Easier

Eating well is important, but shopping for groceries and putting well-rounded meals together may be a challenge for someone already exhausted and overwhelmed. Try a subscription to a food delivery service or meal kit, or a gift card for their favorite restaurant. For a more personal touch, you can cook large batches of food that can be frozen, or you could offer to come over and cook for them.

Lend a Hand with Everyday Tasks

Chores can easily pile up. Consider gifting services for household tasks—schedule a laundry service to pick up and deliver or hire a house cleaning service. Create personalized “gift certificates” offering your help—for example, a coupon for a day of house cleaning or a week of picking up the kids from school.

Relieve Stress

Help your loved one unwind. For the creatively inclined, consider gifting art supplies, yarn for knitting, or other materials for a craft they enjoy. Adult coloring books or paint-by-number kits are a fun way to relieve stress and practice self-care. If your loved one enjoys journaling, try a nice, high-quality notebook. Candles, bubble baths, and tea are also great gifts for relaxation.

Ask What They Need

Gifts can be a meaningful way to show someone you care, and the most important way to do that is to consider your loved one’s needs—and their wants! Talk to them about what they would like a break from or ask what they enjoy doing to unwind. You don’t have to spoil the surprise but listening can go a long way toward finding the perfect gift.




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