High-Risk Breast Clinic

Minnesota Oncology High-Risk Breast Clinic

Southdale Medical Center
6545 France Avenue S, Suite 210
Edina, MN 55435

Do you or someone you love have a family history of breast cancer or a higher risk for breast cancer for another reason?

Do you have questions or concerns about your risk for breast cancer?

Knowing your personal risk of developing breast cancer is empowering information. This knowledge can help you and your physician develop a risk-reduction plan with enhanced surveillance. This is important because early detection results in improved prognosis.

Minnesota Oncology can provide:

  • Education on breast health
  • Decision-making support as you consider a risk management plan
  • Coping skills and assurance regarding potential testing processes and reports.
  • Assistance with care coordination
  • Access to a wide range of community resources

If you would like to visit us, you can request a referral from your primary physician or OB-GYN; however, a physician referral is not necessary to schedule your initial appointment.