Oncology Nurses

Your oncology nurses are your allies – your cheerleaders – and friends who understand.

As you begin cancer treatment you may experience anxiety and stress, and along the way you will surely have many questions and concerns.  You are not alone. We want you to know that our experienced team of specially trained oncology nurses will care for you throughout the treatment process with compassion, professionalism and optimism.

Oncology Certified Nurses

ONS certification makes a difference. These skilled and experienced registered cancer nurses develop specialty knowledge beyond entry level. Oncology nurses have met or exceeded requirements for practice in cancer care. As cancer treatment becomes more complex, patients require increasingly specialized care, ONS-certified nurses have the knowledge and experience to deliver that care effectively.

Collaborative Nurses

Collaborative nurses are registered nurses who assist physicians with management of his patients. They assess and prioritize patient care issues in the clinic, perform nursing assessments, offer patient education, and provide supervision and direction to the support staff to ensure the daily flow of patient visits. They are also involved in triage, nursing assessments, and coordination of care for patients via phone calls.

Chemotherapy Nurses

Your treatment plan may or may not include chemotherapy. If it does, these specially trained registered nurses administer chemotherapeutic treatments and supportive care therapy to cancer patients. They will carefully monitor your status during treatment and provide education regarding potential side-effects of treatment and self-care measures that can alleviate them.

Gynecologic Oncology Nurses

Gynecologic oncology nurses are collaborative nurses with additional knowledge of surgical and post-operative issues that patients may deal with when they have gynecologic cancer.

Radiation Oncology Nurses

Radiation nurses are collaborative nurses, but are much more attuned to the variety of possible radiation side-effects and self-care measures to alleviate them. They are experienced in treatment management and can help address any concerns you may have.