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Mask Making Instructions

Masks - Elastic/Cording Ear Loops


  • 2 pieces of tightly woven cotton fabric (examples: clean pillow cases or 100% cotton t-shirts). Cut to 9” X 6” (Adult) or 7 ½” X 5” (Child).
  • Elastic options: Rope elastic, 1/8” wide flat elastic, or beading cord elastic. You need 7.5 yards of elastic for 25 masks (14" per mask).
  • Other cord options: Bead lacing or parachute cord

Preparation for Ear Loops

Elastic: Cut two 7” long pieces and tie a knot at each end (14" of elastic per mask). Do not tie a knot with flat elastic.
Bead lacing or parachute cord: Cut them approximately 10” long (for adults).


For lacing or cord, follow same steps, substituting item for elastic.

  1. Put right sides of cotton fabric together (use 2 pieces). Be sure that any fabric design is placed horizontally!
  2. Cut fabric in one of two sizes: 9” X 6” (Adult) or 7 ½” X 5” (Child).
  3. Starting at the center of the bottom edge, sew to the first corner, then stop. Sew the elastic with the edge out into the corner. A few stitches forward and back will hold this.
  4. Sew to the second corner, stop, and bring the other end of the same elastic to the corner and sew a few stitches forward and back.
  5. Now sew across the top of the mask to the third corner, then stop. Again, sew one end of a piece of elastic with the edge out into the corner.
  6. Sew to the fourth corner, stop, then sew in the other end of the same piece of elastic.
  7. Sew across the bottom, leaving about 1 ½ - 2” open. Stop, cut the thread. Turn inside out.
  8. Pin (evenly spaced) 3 tucks on each side of the mask. Make sure the tucks are in the same direction.
  9. Sew around the edge of the mask twice (making sure to close the opening left at the bottom of the mask).
  10. Your mask is finished!

Video Tutorial (Elastic Loops)

Watch a helpful video tutorial below for face masks with elastic loops:

Masks - Fabric Ties


  • 2 pieces of tightly woven cotton fabric (examples: clean pillow cases or 100% cotton t-shirts). Cut to 9” X 6” (Adult) or 7 ½” X 5” (Child).
  • Bias tape (either ½" or 7/8" as available) OR fabric

Tie Preparation

  • Bias tape: Four (4) 16” pieces of bias tape per mask
  • Fabric: Cut four (4) strips 2" wide by 16" long per mask

Video Tutorials

For instructions on making masks with fabric ties, please see this tutorial on YouTube.