Bruce Mayer


In April 2003, Bruce Mayer was diagnosed with Stage 2 Bladder Cancer. Bruce underwent surgery to completely remove his bladder to be replaced with a Neobladder. This process of removing his cancerous bladder was a success and left him cancer-free.

However three years later in July of 2006, Bruce learned that his cancer had returned and had metastasized into a lymph node in his chest, along with six lymph nodes near his kidney. After learning of these new cancerous tumors, Mayer was introduced to Minnesota Oncology’s Dr. David King at our Fridley Clinic. The bladder cancer had returned and was diagnosed as Stage 4.

“Dr. King assured me that I was not a statistic. I was his patient- and together we could beat this.” Mayer and Dr. King battled the cancer through multiple 28-day cycles of chemotherapy. After the first two cycles of chemotherapy, Mayer’s PET Scans were clear of any cancerous hot spots. Mayer went through an additional 7 cycles of chemo. Once complete, Dr. King recommended that Mayer undergo “maintenance chemotherapy” in order to reduce the risk of any returning cancer. This maintenance chemotherapy consisted of two, three-week cycles of chemotherapy every six months. This continued for two years.

Bruce is now 10 years cancer-free and continues to see Dr. King every six months.

Bruce battled cancer with constant support from his wife, Chris, along with prayers from his family and friends. Bruce explained that he never felt that his cancer was unbeatable thanks to the support from all of the chemotherapy nurses and Dr. King. Bruce states, “Dr. King’s exceptional bedside manner along with his care and guidance helped me to be cancer-free today. Dr. King is always front and center and ready to explain everything to me. I am blessed to have fought cancer alongside the right medical team.”

After his experience with the care received at Minnesota Oncology, Bruce says, “It is comforting to know that even with Stage 4 cancer, there can still be hope!”