Minnesota Oncology

Minneapolis Clinic

910 Medical Place
910 E. 26th Street, Suite 200
Minneapolis MN, 55404
Main Phone: 612-884-6300
Main Fax:612-884-6363Please call anytime with questions, concerns or comments get_map

Office hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Monday through Friday.

Physician Assistants
Meghan M. Lawless, PA-C
Nurse Practitioners:
Chara J. Anderson, CNP
Crystal Bryant, RN, DNP
Katie Houselog, CNP
Amy Yilek, CNP

At the Minneapolis clinic we are committed to creating the most effective and compassionate care plan for you. We offer a full range of medical oncology and hematology services, as well as the expertise of  experienced Gynecologic Oncology and Thoracic Oncology surgeons.

We understand that a cancer diagnosis can affect all area of your life. Resources to help you and your family are available; including access to support groups, educational classes, nutrition therapy and social work services.

As an affiliate of US Oncology, the nation’s foremost cancer treatment and research network, we also have access to various national clinical trials.

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