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Clinic Contacts

Serving you and your patients is our highest priority. Our goal is to ensure all aspects of each patient’s experience are of the highest standard and as seamless as possible. With more options than ever before in cancer care, we appreciate your trust and value our partnership in patient care. We hope our resources help meet your needs, as well as those of every patient.

Please let us know if we can provide assistance with:

  • Patient care and access to providers
  • Educational materials
  • Community partnerships and resources
  • Patient-focused services (genetic counseling, Survivorship, palliative care, etc.)
  • Clinical research trial information and updates
  • Physician and location information

We are working to continually improve our service to you and our patients. We are in the process of updating to a new phone system and expanding our scheduling staff. These changes will allow us to continue to provide the high quality service we strive to deliver every day.

Listed below is the contact information for the practice manager for each Minnesota Oncology clinic location. Please don’t hesitate to call the practice manager with any questions or concerns. We look forward to hearing from you.

Kelly Adams
Clinic Main Phone: 952-892-7190
Kelly's Office: 952-223-6901

Kelly Adams
Clinic Main Phone: 952-361-5800
Kelly's Office: 952-361-5801
Coon Rapids
Kathy Davis
Clinic Main Phone: 763-712-2100
Kathy's Office: 763-712-2101
Linda Johnson
Clinic Main Phone: 952-928-2900
Linda's Office: 952-928-2901

Alexia Hansen
Clinic Main Phone: 763-786-1620
Julie's Office: 763-252-1717

Maplewood Cancer Center
Patty Thompson
Clinic Main Phone: 651-779-7978
Patty's Office: 651-255-8405
Ginna Pearson
Clinic Main Phone: 612-884-6300
Ginna's Office: 612-884-6301
Plymouth/West Health
Ginna Pearson
Clinic Main Phone: 763-519-7440
Ginna's Office: 612-884-6301
St. Paul Cancer Center
Julie Tyren
Clinic Main Phone: 651-251-5500
Julie's Office: 651-251-5501
Kelly Adams
Clinic Main Phone: 952-442-6006
Kelly's Office: 952-442-6006
ext. 5843
Shelly Daniels
Clinic Main Phone: 651-735-7414
Shelly's Office: 651-999-8959